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Adam is great in showcasing your work in the best way possible. Will be recommending him for both his efficiency and superior quality of work. He serves clear, bright mixes with a little bit of magic on the side. Hope to work with him in the near future again!

Robet Johnson
H&M Manager
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沒有想過出來的效果這麼好, 多謝老師很細心地幫我加入新的元素, 尤其是鍾意音樂獨奏部份

Julia Wong
IT Developer
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Got Adam to produce one of my songs and it was stellar. I can definitely hear the difference in the quality of his creativity. Highly recommended!

Racheal Liu
Music Teacher
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This man is a true professional and will bring your track to the perfection. Awesome work!

Ming wah Lee
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Sunny Su

經朋友介紹到Song-Tailor做歌, 我這個朋友本身有夾band唔係玩得好好但係唱歌OK, 佢比咗兩首歌我聽話係佢自己的我覺得非常得意及驚嚇.這個亦是我的夢想我, 所以我叫佢介紹給我

困擾左我多年的事情竟然在兩個星期內完全擊破, 在這裏幫我編了兩首歌曲, 錄音我選擇了老師建議的高質素錄音室, 錄音當日好在監製給我建議以及改善了我唱歌的方法, 雖然價錢有點貴但係是值得的, 多謝晒 Like