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Adam is great in showcasing your work in the best way possible. Will be recommending him for both his efficiency and superior quality of work. He serves clear, bright mixes with a little bit of magic on the side. Hope to work with him in the near future again!

Robet Johnson
H&M Manager
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沒有想過出來的效果這麼好, 多謝老師很細心地幫我加入新的元素, 尤其是鍾意音樂獨奏部份

Julia Wong
IT Developer
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Got Adam to produce one of my songs and it was stellar. I can definitely hear the difference in the quality of his creativity. Highly recommended!

Racheal Liu
Music Teacher
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This man is a true professional and will bring your track to the perfection. Awesome work!

Ming wah Lee
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may may

學唱歌已經很多年, 一直沒有信心錄音但是又很想有自己的歌曲, 2016年第一次來的時候是改編一首流行曲歌轉做Bossa, 絕對正, 我覺得自己像個已經有進步所以今次返嚟想老師幫我重新錄音, 果然我唱歌進步了相比起之前的版本明顯踏入專業,好開心可以用這個方法觀察自己的進度

除咗錄音之外, 我告訴老師我希望有自己的歌之後老師便和我傾計, 寫低一啲嘢, 又問我人生裏邊有冇什麼值得記載一下之後便幫我寫了一首歌曲<無常> 我只可以講一句正

老師話所有的版權都是歸我所有不用擔心戶外演出以及收藏或網上發放, 真係好